Avatar Grove boardwalk now completed and open


After 4 years of work involving hundreds of volunteers, Avatar Grove now has a kilometre-long trail and boardwalk that includes extensive stairs, steps, walkways, bridges, and viewing platforms.

In 2013, the Ancient Forest Alliance began constructing the boardwalk on both sides of the Gordon River Main logging road in the Upper and Lower Avatar Groves.

Now it's open the Ancient Forest Alliance's Ken Wu says it's bee great for eco-tourism. "That is a message for other rural communities to stand up for the ancient forest in your area. Maybe take a page out of Costa Rica's book and  take a step towards a sustainable economy and instead log second growth forest sustainably instead of logging the last of our ancient forests as well."

The Grove is located on the Gordon River Main logging road, about 20 minutes from Port Renfrew.

It is home to one of the most spectacular and easily accessible stands of monumental old-growth trees in BC and has become among BC's most popular old-growth forest tourism destinations, bolstering and transforming the economy of the local region and allowing Port Renfrew to rebrand itself as the "Tall Trees Capital of Canada".

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