B.C.'s political leaders talk pot on 4/20


April 20th -- better known as 4/20, by stoners at least, turned into an opportunity for BC's political parties to express their views on incoming marijuana laws. 

On a day where Christy Clark and John Horgan exchanged snipes during a feisty moment during B-C's first election debate. The two party leaders agree on one thing at least, keeping marijuana out of the hands of minors.

Liberal Leader Christy Clark says she would lift the age limit to at least 19.  Green Leader Andrew Weaver says the federal government's plan favours large licensed producers but he thinks B-C should foster a strong ``craft cannabis'' sector and NDP Leader John Horgan says it's "high time" pot laws came in line with modern society. "We've been planning for this for some time I believe it's overdue, I believe the community feels its overdue. It's not just about 4/20; Wreck Beach or Centennial Square there are people of all walks of life who prefer to have a pull on a joint or biscuit rather than a martini, what ever it is, to unwind."
19, would be in line with B.C.'s legal drinking age. 

Ottawa has introduced legislation to legalize pot on July 1st, 2018, giving provinces time to come up with sales and distribution plans and decide whether to raise the age limit from 18.

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