Bay Street Bridge upgrades are slated to start mid-month

The date for upgrades on the Point Ellice Bridge -- more commonly known as the Bay Street Bridge -- are slated to start later this month.

The 60 year old structure is due for upgrades, including repairs to the concrete deck, rust protection, resurfacing, and stripping and painting the underside.

The city says in order to complete the upgrades the eastbound lane -- towards downtown -- will be closed between mid-May and approximately the end of October.

To help accommodate the increased traffic expected to use the Johnson Street Bridge -- changes will be made to traffic signal operations.

Pedestrian and wheelchair access will be maintained along the north sidewalk during the project, and eastbound cyclists will be required to dismount and walk across.

The contract has been awarded to Seismic 2000 and work is expected to be completed in late 2019.

The project budget is $6.1 million with the Federal and Provincial governments contributing a combined $2.4 million in infrastructure funding. 

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