BC and Ottawa launch program to protect and rebuild wild salmon stocks

BC Premier John Horgan and Federal Fisheries Minister Jonathon Wilkinson chose the backdrop of Victoria's Fishermans Wharf to launch a program aimed at protecting wild salmon habitat and rebuild dwindling Chinook stocks. The program was announced last fall, but stakeholders are now able to apply for the funds,

The B-C Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund is a 5 year, $143-million fund, that will help support the projects of various groups -- including conservation, Indigenous and research groups.

Wilkinson says his government understands the unprecedented threat that human impacts pose and are responding with an unprecedented effort.

 The federal government is contributing $100-Million, and the British Columbia Government is providing the remainder, or $43-million.

Premier Hogan says if we are going to preserve and maintain salmon stocks, we have to work together, adding today we are doing that.

It’s hoped that the fund will help bolster dwindling salmon runs to river systems while adding to the economy and feeding endangered southern resident killer whales.  


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