BC Ferries to ban sitting in cars on closed decks, and will go smoke free

BC Ferries is implementing some changes.  The first will come on October 11th. You will no longer be able to spend the trip inside your car on any ferry with a closed deck.  The company says the decision is to comply with Transportation Safety Board safety practices.

On larger vessels with both an upper and lower vehicle deck, customers will still be able to remain in their vehicles on the upper vehicle deck. Customers with special circumstances can also make a special request at the ticket booth to be placed on the upper vehicle deck. And where possible, BC Ferries will try and accommodate the request.

As well, as of January 22nd next year the company will be going smoke free on all of its vessels and at its terminals. The chosen date coincides with National Non-Smoking Week.

Mark Collins, BC Ferries’ President and CEO notes, last year the Province amended regulations for no smoking buffer zones around doorways, intake or open windows to any public or workplace from three metres to six metres which means -- due to the physical space on the outer decks of BC Ferries’ large vessels --  all vessels will need to become smoke-free environments.

The new policy supports the health and wellness of passengers and employees, and includes tobacco, marijuana and e-cigarettes.

Collins says the change is expected to result in a reduction of complaints BC Ferries receives from customers related to second-hand smoke.


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