BC Ferries vessels have average age of 31 years

A BC Ferries spokesperson said their vessels are an average age of 31 years, which means many are nearing the age of their expected lifespan.

Spokesperson Deborah Marshall said the ferries have a lifespan of about 50 years, and the company will be working to replace some of their older ships.

“Going forward we do expect to replace one vessel per year for the next 12 to 15 years,” Marshall said. “We will be looking in the short term for some minor vessels to replace the Bowen Class, we do expect to put out a call for tender later this summer.”

Marshall said the North Island Princess is their oldest boat - built in 1958 - and they have a boat being constructed to replace it in 2020.

“We do have some older vessels, the North Island Princess, for example, is about 59 years old,” Marshall said. “We do have a vessel currently under construction that will replace that ship in 2020.”

BC Ferries currently has eight boats near or over the expected 50 year lifespan.

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