BC government introduces prototype universal, affordable child care

B.C.'s NDP government will begin testing out $10-a-day child care at more than 50 facilities around the province, moving a step closer to fulfilling one of its key campaign promises.

It's moving forward with 53 prototype projects around the province to deliver child care that will cost families a maximum of $200 per month per child.

Under the initiative, child care providers at the new prototype sites will receive government funding to cover their operational and administration costs. In return, they will reduce parent fees to a maximum of $200 per month for full-time enrolment during regular hours and will share their feedback with the B.C. government to help inform the future implementation of universal care.

In all, parents of about 2,500 children will benefit from the prototype projects.

For more information about the ChildCare BC prototypes, visit: www.gov.bc.ca/childcareprototypesites


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