N0 BC Liquor Store coming to downtown Victoria


There was news a BC liquor store was coming to downtown Victoria.  Speaking with CFAX, Mike Kozakowski of Citified.ca said they've heard a store, allegedly to be operated by the provincial agency, was planning to locate in a mixed use development at Pandora and Vancouver Street.

"It will be a retail tenant next to what we learned last week will be a Save On Foods opening at the same development, so again at Pandora Avenue and Vancouver Street just east of the downtown core, the business centre. So it will tie in to the neighbourhoods of NorthPark, it will tie into Fernwood, it'll tie into Harris Green, and of course the downtown.

But in an email to CFAX , Dixon Tam -- Senior Communications Officer for the branch -- says there are currently has no plans to open a government liquor store as part of a mixed use development at Pandora and Vancouver Street.

So, if there is a liquor store coming, we don't know who will be operating it yet.




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