BC Premier says his government can't address the issue of speculators on a house-by-house basis

    Premier John Horgan has waded into debate over whether those with unrentable second homes should face huge speculation tax bills.

     The issue is back in the spotlight after a delegation of seniors from Belcarra,  a village on the shore of Indian Arm in Metro Vancouver, went to the legislature to plead their case.  They argue  they face thousands of dollars in speculation taxes because they own cabins that aren't suitable to rent, and emphasize they are not speculators.

     Horgan was asked if the case moves him at all.  He says what moves him is the affordability crisis, which cannot be addressed on a house-by-house basis:

" We've made some progress in the short term, and we'll continue to monitor as time goes by. Minister James met with the mayor of Belcarra, she's meeting ewith anyone who wants to meet with her about this. And we've built into the legislation an opportunity to review annually the progress or lack of progress, or the unintended consequences. So we'll keep monitoring and see how it goes from there."

    The premier says seniors have the option to defer taxes, and emphasizes the tax is aimed at people who own 2 or more homes.

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