BC's opposition Liberals critical of NDP government's newly-announced transportation strategy.

BC's opposition Liberals say the governing NDP government is dragging its feet on a plan to improve transportation on Southern Vancouver Island.

The province announced Wednesday, the plan would focus on existing and future multi-modal infrastructure projects going as far north as Duncan and as far west as Sooke. It also includes plans to explore an emergency detour route over the Malahat between the West Shore communities and Duncan.

However, Michelle Stilwell, Liberal MLA for Parksville-Qualicum, says what we are seeing here is a typical NDP strategy of delaying and studying to avoid making any decisions.

"There's already a plan in place with the South Island Prosperity Project.  They've been working on it for years.  They have the municipalites on board, they have businesses on board, they've done the work."

Stilwell says the answer to improving transportation on the South Island is not paying consultants to do work that's already been done. The NDP needs to get on board and work with the South Island Prosperity Project.


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