BC's Premier is ready to consider eliminating the time change

With Washington, Oregon and California all looking at ending the time change, BC Premier John Horgan says he will consider it too.

Horgan has sent a letter to the governors of those states offering to work with them.

He says if our close trading partners make the change, then we should do it too:

" And I believe if we are going to go forward with a change to keep either permanent daylight saving time, or permanent Pacific Standard time, we need to do it in all 4 jurisdictions.

We have too many economic ties, too many social and cultural ties, to have one jurisdiction being out of sync with the others -- or two being out of sync with the others."

In the U.S. states require federal approval to make such a change. In Canada the province can do it on its own. Horgan has asked the governors to share information with him as they go forward.

Meantime we will lose an hour sleep on Sunday as daylight saving time kicks in again, and the clocks spring forward.

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