BCCA's 'Don't Be A Tool' campaign aims to stop harassment, hazing and bullying

A new campaign from the BC Construction Association (BCCA) aimed to create a more inclusive workplace was launched on Tuesday.

'Don't Be A Tool' is using videos featuring animated tools to teach important lessons about having an inclusive and safe workplace.  The goal of the campaign is to stamp out hazing, bullying and harassment in the construction industry.

President of the BCCA, Chris Atchinson, says the animated characters are designed to allow the viewer to connect to the character.

"Animation is a way that people can identify without feeling threatened by it.  Which is where we want this to begin."

He says harassment, bullying, and hazing is unacceptable in any industry, and needs to be stopped, because it does lead to people leaving their jobs.

"We just need to be better at making sure that our workplaces are acceptable, so that we can retain that workforce for the future needs of British Columbia, and to provide lifelong opportunities for gainful employment for individuals who are choosing construction, as an opportunity to use the tools that they are developing the skills with."

'Don't Be A Tool' is part of the larger Builder's Code campaign, which is creating policies and code of conducts for employers.  He says employers will have access to the videos when they go to the Builder's Code website.

"So when employers go in to look at what it might mean to providing an acceptable work site, they will have access to the videos that they can then share with the crews.  Similarly, when we introduce our curriculum that will be geared for people and supervisors, and owners of sites, and as well the crew training, they will also be introduced to the videos at that stage."

He adds that they will also be running a social media campaign, and uploading the videos online.

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