Bear Sighted on Saanich Trail

Yesterday around 6pm some visitors from out of town were walking on a Saanich trail near Hector rd when they ran into a black bear. The encounter took place in a green belt within rural Saanich, an area known to have a variety of wildlife. The bear did not act aggressively and immediately left upon seeing the humans.

This serves as a reminder to everyone that this time of year bears will be active, especially in areas where fresh fruit and berries are readily available. Bears are omnivorous animals with vegetation making up about 80% of their diet. Bears have an extremely good sense of smell and can detect food from over a kilometer away.

As such, be bear aware - stay calm if you do see a bear. Carry noise makers and the bear will likely avoid you. Additionally, protect your property by keeping animal foods indoors, and pick fruit, veggies and berries as they ripen, and any fallen fruit from the ground before they can attract bears into the area. Keep garbage and compost unavailable or less appealing to any wildlife that may develop interest.

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