Bear spotted in Saanich neighbourhood

Police received several reports of a bear cub wandering through yards and streets in Saanich Sunday Morning.

The first calls came in just after 8 am, of the cub wandering through streets and yards in the area of Cowper Street and Dysart Road, near Tilicum mall.  Saanich Police Constable Mel Bromwich says the last sighting was at 10 o'clock, when the bear returned to the woods at Cutherbert Holmes Park.

"There was no further sightings, and BC Conservation advised they would not come out and attend since he wasn't aggressive, and he wasn't under distress, and he wasn't near a school yard."

She says it's not uncommon to see bears, and people need to make sure they Bear-Proof their properties to avoid attracting animals.

"So we would like members of the community to Bear-Proof their property.  Don't leave your animal's food out, secure your garage or bring it inside a garage, because that will deter a bear from coming into urban areas."

She says once bears find food, they keep coming back, adding that this is a community problem, not a bear problem, and should be dealt with by residents.

Bromwich adds that anyone who spots wildlife in their community should report it to the BC Conservation Service, at 1-877-952.7277.

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