'Berm' planned for Cuthbert Holmes Park as part of McKenzie Interchange project


The Ministry of Transportation is looking at building a berm around Cuthbert Holmes Park in Saanich as part of the McKenzie interchange project.

An information session was held on Monday to show stakeholders how material dug up during construction will be used as an enhancement to the park.

Janelle Erwin, regional deputy director for the Ministry says using the surplus soil dug up during the construction would actually save them money with it not having to be transported out and then money would be used to pay for the berm.

“A rounded mound I would call it and it would run around 500 metres toward Burnside and it would range in height from about a metre and a half above the highway to 14 metres so it would range quite a significant range.”

The plan is to fill out the soil with approximately 160 additional plantings on the berm.

Erwin says the ministry has been working closely with the District of Saanich and other stakeholders of the park to work out enhancements for the park.

Construction on the $85 million McKenzie interchange has been underway since late January.

The interchange will use a partial cloverleaf, which will have an impact on Cuthbert Holmes Park.

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