Berry boulevards proposed in James Bay

The James Bay Neighbourhood Association is making a push to plant berries along boulevards in the community.

The berries would be part of a public gardening project to promote gardening and food security that already has seen apple and fig trees, as well as a herb garden box, planted in the community.

President of the Association, Marg Gardiner, says they have two spots in mind, but want to try it out at one location first, on Quebec and Pendray streets.

"That's right where Harbour Towers is, which is being, as you know, refurbished and redone into a residential building instead of a hotel.  And so there will be a lot of people living in there permanently, and actually the operators of that were were quite keen on what we're doing too because they realize there will be a lot of residents nearby that might like this"

The other location they have their eye on, if the plan goes ahead, is on Montreal and Kingston streets.

She says the type of berries hasn't been decided yet, and that it will be up to volunteers to manage the plants, just as they do with the fruit trees and herb garden.

Gardiner and her constituents are going to present the proposed berry boulevards to City Council on Thursday.

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