Bike to Work Week celebrates 25 years in the Capital region

With Bike to Work week 6-weeks away, organizers held their launch this afternoon.

This is a milestone year for the event. It started 25 years ago in Victoria, and has now spread province wide.

Executive Director of the Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society, Amelia Potvin, says the goal this year, and every year, is to grow the numbers of people getting on their bikes:

" We're trying to get people that are already cycling, you know, those are our team leaders, our champions. We're trying to get them to have those conversations in the workplace and build comradery, and get people that maybe are hesitating, aren't sure if they can do it, have a few barriers, right? Oh I can't do it because of this or that, or think they can't, and then getting those team leaders, those co-workers, those colleagues to drive those people to just try it out during bike to work week."

Potvin says participating even for just 1 day could make you change your mind about commuting by bike. 

Transportation Minister Claire Trevena attended the launch event. She is an avid cyclist herself, covering 8 kms a day when she is at home on Quadra Island -- and 3 kms a day when she's working at the legislature. Trevena says it's become an important part of her day for several reasons:

"Decompression.  Also, the only exercise I get in the day.  So, every time that people look at me and say you're still cycling, it's like it's really good for my mental health, it's good for the environment,  I'm a nicer person, trust me I'm a nicer person."

BC Green Leader Andrew Weaver applauds organizers for making Bike to Work such a huge success over the years.

"This event has become an institution in our region, and this is a milestone that is worth celebrating. Through your outstanding efforts more than 14,000 new riders have been introduced to commuter cycling. And more than 100,000 cyclists have been engaged through events and education over the past 25 years that you've run this."

This year's event runs from May 27 - June 2 and you can register online. 

Besides a trip to Italy to be given away to one of the participants in BC, Victoria riders will be up for $25-thousand in prizes, including a bike a day.



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