Brazen thieves steal from girl

Victoria Police are looking for a couple of men believed responsible for stealing money from a girl.

The victim was out with his Dad on December 30th trying to raise money for a youth golf tour planned for Scotland this year.  They were in the 900 block of Yates Street on December 30th in the mid afternoon.  The girl and her Dad were using a jar to collect money at a table.

A man dressed all in black approached the table, reached down and took the jar of money and fled.  The Dad tried to chase the thief but fell.  The suspect had attended at the table earlier asking what they were raising money for.  The man in black is believed to have been aided by another man dressed in all grey.

If you have any information about the theft, you are asked to call police.

It should be noted, the attending officer replaced the money the young golfer had raised.

You can see a picture of the alleged thief and his accomplice on our web site at CFAX


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