Buckley Bay Cable Ferry hit's milestone mark, 30,000 trips

The cable ferry that runs between Buckley Bay and Denman Island has hit a milestone mark.

The ferry has been running on the Baynes Sound Connector Route since February 2016, and has just surpassed the 30,000 sailings mark.  

The vessel, which operates on 3 cables, requires less fuel and creates less emissions.  It's also better for marine life, because it doesn't need a propeller and therefore is much quieter.  

Deborah Marshall with BC Ferries says the vessel is very efficient, and has significantly reduced their carbon footprint.

"In just over three years that the ship has been operating, we've achieved savings of more than 415,000 litres of fuel compared to the traditional vessel that was operating on the route.  So that's quite a significant reduction in fuel consumption."

Marshall adds that number is equivalent to cutting fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from that route by 50%.

The cable ferry is part of the Clean Technology Adoption Plan, and while there are no plans to install more of them on other routes, Marshall says there are other projects in the works.

"For example we've got five vessels now that operate on liquefied natural gas, and while that is still a fossil fuel it's a cleaner burning fuel than the ultra low marine diesel that we use.  We also have two vessels under construction now that are going to be hybrid-electric vessels.  So we're moving towards that technology and helping to reduce our environmental footprint."

It's not a very big vessel, able to transport just 50 cars and 150 passengers and crew per trip, but at 1900 metres, it's the longest saltwater cable ferry crossing in the world.

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