Bulldog swept over the waterfalls on Browns River near Courtney

A Comox man is making an emotional plea for people to keep an eye open for his bulldog, Rosie, after she was swept away in Browns River near Courtney.

Jonathan Macleod was hiking near a set of waterfalls known as the Medicine Bowls Thursday when 2 of his dogs, Rosie and Blue, ended up in the water.

He jumped in to save them and managed to grab Blue, but Rosie went over falls into the bowl and was carried downstream.

Comox Valley Search and Rescue was called out and couldn't find her. But they say it's possible she made it out on her own. They also warn others heading to the area to stay away from the rocks as they are extremely slippery and the water is fast moving.

Macleod posted to Facebook that he returned to search Friday and expressed his gratitude to those helping in the search for his beloved pet.

A friend has started a GoFundMe page in the hopes of raising money for an aerial search using a helicopter.

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