Business as usual for Victoria's horse carriage operators

It's business as usual for horse carriage operators in Victoria.

Monday, the Victoria Horse Alliance claimed the rental agreement between the horse carriage operators and the City of Victoria had expired, meaning they couldn't operate at their usual location at the corner of Menzies and Belleville Street until a new agreement is reached.

Donna Friedlander, Owner/Operator, Tally Ho Carriage Tours says the Alliance doesn't have its facts right.

"We do renew our business license with the City of Victoria every year, much like every other business and that business license is due nfor renewal January 1st with the fees and documentation due by January 15th."

Friedlander also takes exception to the Alliance's concerns of the inhumane treatment of the horses. She says althought the horses are used for commercial purposes, they are treated as pets and live on the farm with Friedlander and her family.

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