Camper van rollover in View Royal

View Royal Firefighters responded to a car crash right outside of their department last night.

At about 11:40 pm, fire crews responded to the 300 block of the Old Island Highway, where a camper van had gone off the road and rolled over.

The van was on it's side, passenger side down, with the driver suspended in his seat and the roof of the van pinned against a tree.

It took the crew about 20 minutes to free the driver.

View Royal Fire Chief, Paul Hurst, says it's an odd spot for someone to go off the road, and suspects it was medical issue that led to the van going through a bus stop, and into the ditch.

He says if speed had been a factor, the van would have cut across the road, right into the fire department.

RCMP took over the case, and rulled out drugs or alcohol as the cause.

The driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries to his back.

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