Canada Post set to increase the price of stamps in 2019

The cost of mailing a letter is set to increase in 2019. Postage rates rise on January 14, with the price for stamps purchased in a booklet, coil or pane for domestic mail weighing 30 grams or less increasing to $0.90, up from $0.85. The price of a single domestic stamp will increase to $1.05, up from $1.00.

While usage between individuals and businesses varies, Canada Post estimates the impact of the price increases to be less than a dollar a year for the average Canadian household and about $14 a year for the typical small business. Prices will also increase for mail to the U.S. and international destinations, and for domestic Registered Mail.

The increases are the first since March 31, 2014. Canadians can avoid the increases by purchasing Permanent stamps at the current rate before the new rates take effect.

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