Canada's only registered floating pub for sale in Nanaimo

If you are in the market for a one-of-a-kind pub, and have a spare $2.6-million, you could be the proud new owner of Canada's only registered floating pub.

The 'Dingy Dock Pub' opened in 1989 on Nanaimo's Protection Island -- and now the owner is selling it -- along with the dock and marina around the pub, and a waterfront home.

It also includes the only ferry service between the small island and downtown Nanaimo, which islanders hope the new owner will continue operating.  

Realtor  Mike McKillican of Sutton Group says it wouldn't make much sense for a buyer to abandon the service.

Since the pub went on the market 2 weeks ago there have been interest from across North America, and McKillican says so far all of those enquiring wish to run it "as is."

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