Canadian Taxpayer Federation seeks intervener status in Kinder Morgan court case

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation wants intervener status in the court case over theTrans Mountain Pipeline project in B.C.

BC Director Kris Sims says her group will argue that our modern way of life and economic prosperity depend on oil and gas, and the BC government should stop blocking the federally approved pipeline.

Sims says the CTF are going to bat for taxpayers in this fight because without a robust economy, and without access to affordable oil and gas, people in BC won't be able to drive to work, the cost of everything will surge and they won't be able to pay the taxes that our governments impose.

The CTF is also seeking intervener standing in Saskatchewan, where the provincial government is asking the courts to decide whether the federal government can impose a carbon tax.

The Taxpayers Federation says clarifying the appropriate spheres of federal and provincial jurisdiction will enhance political accountability, and allow Canadians to hold government accountable for their policy choices.

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