Central Saanich man facing complaints about loud stereo

Police have put the brakes on a driver who's loud car stereo has been terrorizing local roads.

Dustin Hamilton has been told he can't play his car stereo in Central Saanich.

Police say since May, they've received 17 complaints of noise from residents of West Saanich Road between Keating Cross Road and Wallace Drive.

Cpl. Dan Cottingham says people can feel vibrations from the powerful stereo through the floors of their homes.

"Mr. Hamilton, the operator of the vehicle had been spoken to on numerous occasions by police, advising him of the complaints and the disturbance he's been causing.  Nothing really happened there.  It escalated to getting a bylaw ticket from police for the noise.  After that some of the complainants said the noise started to get worse once police got involved."

Hamilton has been charged with mischief and appears in court Oct. 25th.

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