Central Saanich man gets pulled over while clearing snow with a Zamboni

You can't get any more Canadian than this.

When it starts to snow and you need to clear it, it just might be time to break out the Zamboni.

Marko Kardum of Central Saanich hardly gave it a second thought when the snow hit hard early Monday night along the Saanich Peninsula

Kardum tells CFAX he had been out earlier in the day clearing snow at his mother's and aunt's place when he decided to take the Zamboni out one more time. That's when an officer from the Central Saanich RCMP Detachment pulled him over.

"He told me they got a call in and supposedly someone was taking a Zamboni out to make a rink on the road.  So he was just doing his part to make sure that a skating rink wasn't getting built and making sure that everything was okay."

Kardum has become a twitter sensation.

He says he uses the Zamboni a lot on his farm instead of a tractor.

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