Central Saanich mayor is seeking Liberal nomination

The Mayor of Central Saanich is looking to further his political career at a federal level.

Mayor Ryan Windsor is seeking the Liberal nomination for MP of Saanich-Gulf Islands.  He's already filled out the application paperwork, and received the mandatory endorsements from 100 registered Liberals in the riding. 

Windsor says the Liberal government has been paying attention to a lot of things that matter to Vancouver Island, and he wants to be involved in the party.

"Whether it be infrastructure, or the science behind out coast, paying attention to climate change, these are all factors that I think are vital.  I'm one of these people who now believe that getting behind a government that is paying attention to the challenges we face in Canada, and trying to find opportunities out of them, is worth supporting."

Windsor has been associated with the Liberal party since 2016, prior to that he was a supporter of the Green Party.  He is a firm supporter of ocean health, fighting climate change and taxing pollution.  He has aligned himself with the Liberals because they also represent a lot of his values, and he could work on moving these initiatives forward with the party. 

He says being part of the Liberal caucus would be beneficial to not only the community he would be leaving, but the entire region, and possibly the island as a whole, because there is no Liberal member representing Vancouver Island in Ottawa at this time.

Windsor says if he wins the nomination, he will serve as mayor until August, then ask council for an un-paid leave of absence so he can campaign in September and October.

"Then of course, pending the outcome of the election in October, I would obviously have a decision to make.  If successful, I would likely have to resign and take the seat as  member of Parliament.  And if not, then I would return to the role as mayor."  

He adds that Central Saanich council and staff are excellent people, and while he would be sad to leave them, he knows the community would be left in good, capable hands.

Windsor says he's submitted his application, and hopes to hear back from the party in the near future.  He adds that at this time, there is no other applicant for the Liberal candidacy.

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