Central Saanich Police continue to look for a suspicious person that triggered a school lockdown

Central Saanich police say although they were unable to find a suspicious male that triggered a lockdown situation at Bayside Middle School in Brentwood Thursday, they don't believe the public is in danger.

Deputy Chief Derren Lench says he is also sure the students that reported a person in the bushes wearing a mask and possibly carrying a weapon did see something:

"I'm confident there was a sighting of an individual. I mean, we've come across individuals in our area that are dealing, you know, kind of a paint ball, they're dressed up, they have weapons. We're come across those with air soft weapons that look like real guns, and we're always concerned about that. So I'm, you know based on what I heard, I'm confident they actiually did see one."

Lench says  police continue to investigate in the hopes of identifying the person students saw, and find out what they were doing there.

Meantime Lench says you can't under react in these cases.  An information meeting following the incident attracted about a hundred parents -- many of which told police they were happy with their response, and their children felt safe because of it.

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