Central Saanich police looking for witnesses in animal cruelty case

Police in Central Saanich are looking for witnesses to an alleged case of animal cruelty. The incident happened Tuesday night, about 9:30pm, in the 7100 block of West Saanich Road.

 A woman driving by saw a man walking a dog that appeared to be in distress, and offered a ride. When the dog was returned to its owner in Brentwood Bay she realized her pet needed  urgent care and rushed it to a veterinary hospital, and called police.

Cpl. Dan Cottingham says the 4-year-old German Shepherd/ Burmese Mountain Cross was seriously hurt and required surgery:

"The dog has suffered a compound fracture to its leg and to its jaw.  And there's some indication after being treated that there's some other significant health issues with the dog as a result of what they believe is prior abuse to this incident."

Cottingham says a 32-year-old man who is known to the dog's owner has been arrested:

"We did arrest a male in relation to it. He appears in court on February 22nd. If those charges are approved by crown we will certainly be releasing his name."

Police would like to speak with the Good Samaritan who stopped to provide assistance and to anyone who saw something. Contact the Central Saanich Police Service (250-652-4441)or Crime Stoppers (at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).



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