Champion for wild salmon needed in BC

The BC Greens are calling for a champion for wild salmon in the province.

Saanich North and the Islands MLA Adam Olsen released his report "Standing up for Wild Salmon" in front of the Legislature Wednesday saying after consulting with stakeholders it's clear a single ministry responsible for resolving issues facing wild pacific salmon is urgently required:

"We held a consultation forum in Vancouver last month, brought together First Nations, conservation, habitat restoration groups, commercial sport fisher people, and had a conversation about what we need to do from a provincial perspective.  And basically what it came down to is we need to appoint a commissioner, supported by a Secretariat, that can being together all of the policy making within government and re-organize how we address wild salmon policy in our province. "

Olsen wants to see the Province create a Wild Salmon Commissioner before summer, adding real leadership is needed to ensure we don't lose an iconic and important economic piece to who we are as a people and a province.


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