Changes made to allow police to clear minor fender benders faster

The BC Government has made changes to enable police officers to clear away minor fender benders faster to prevent traffic backups.

Until now officers called to minor collisions where no one was injured had to complete a written report before any vehicles could be moved if damage exceeded $1,000. The threshold for motorcycles was $600, and bikes $100.

But Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, says effective immediately that threshold has been increased:

"The changes that come into effect today raise that threshold to $10,000. And of course no one being injured before police officers are going to need to attend and write out a report. So that is going to mean that vehicles are going to be able to be moved a lot faster, and alot more efficiently and a lot quicker."

Farnworth adds having traffic back up because of a minor collision where nobody was hurt doesn't help anyone, and worse, it can lead frustrated drivers to take steps that are unsafe.

The minister emphasizes for every crash resulting in death or injury, officers will continue to file a mandatory, written report with ICBC.

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