Charred façade of Plaza Hotel's top floor pulled down for safety reasons

The upper floor of the former Plaza Hotel's façade on Government Street has been pulled down, as the fire continues to smolder.

An excavator pulled down the section of the wall to lower the risk of the entire structure coming down on either the street, or the site, where firefighters and work crews are trying to get to the still smoldering hot spots.

The fire is suspected to have begun in the basement, where old mattresses were stored, and crews have punched through the floor in an effort to reach the hard to reach spots.

Safety is the top priority, and crews are clearing debris and moving precarious loads to get to the fires, and not put the building to the south at risk.

They are also taking precautions to make sure they don't affect the scene too much, which still needs to be examined to determine the cause of the blaze.

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