Child pricked by discarded hypodermic needle in Victoria McDonalds

Victoria police say a 3 year old child stuck by a discarded syringe at a downtown business does not appear to have suffered serious injury. It happened at the McDonalds on Pandora Avenue. 

The parents heard their toddler crying and when they investigated found the uncapped needle nearby.  The child was treated at hospital and released.  It's not known what, if any substance was in the syringe, but there is concern since the restaurant is in an area known for drug activity.

 VicPD are investigating the the circumstances but Const Matt Rutherford says it's too early to say if the syringe was intended to cause harm, or if it's related to 2 incidents that occurred last year.

In November a needle was found inside the ticket box at a pay parking dispenser. And in April a hypodermic needle was discovered taped to the underside of a downtown parkade handrail.


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