Choices Transitional Shelter closing

Choices transitional shelter is closing its doors this week.  The shelter opened in March 2016 in the former youth custody centre in View Royal to house former residents of tent city. 

It stayed open beyond the intended timeline -- but 103 residents have now been transitioned into permanent housing, with the final 40 moved into brand new suites at the former Tally-Ho Hotel in Victoria this week.

Our Place operated the facility.  Communications Director Grant McKenzie says the difference that housing and support  made in the lives of residents is incredible.

Speaking on CFAX 1070 McKenzie told the story of one couple named Dan and Brandy:

" You know like Dan, he'd come right out of jail. Brandy was staying at Choices. And she talked them into letting Dan come in too. And the together for the first time they both went into couple detox, couples therapy.  They are both now working and living in an apartment they rent."

McKenzie says there are other similar stories, showing supportive programs and housing work.

Our Place is working on getting funding and community support to use Choices as a theraputic recovery and treatment centre for mental health and addictions.

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