City Council closer to decision on fate of Crystal Pool

Victoria City Council is getting closer to a decision on whether to replace or refurbish Crystal Pool.

Council has voted to approve $60,000 to build a universal change room for the pool even though the building's future is undecided.

Friday on CFAX, Mayor Lisa Helps had this latest development on the future of Crystal Pool.

"Thomas Soulliere, who's our director of parks, recreation and facilities has said publicly that he will bring us a report for decision February 16th. So, we will not have to wait too much longer for council to make a decision on whether it is refurbished or rebuilt and then it goes to the public."

Helps says residents will be asked, "do you support borrowing up to X millions of dollars to build a new swimming pool, yes or no?"

Helps says it would probably take until 2021 to build a new pool, provided a borrowing referendum gets voter approval.

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