City council to finalize details on design and funding of new David Foster Harbour Pathway

Victoria City Council will be meeting Thursday to finalize the design of the proposed Johnson Street Bridge Underpass.

This includes the project budget for the extention of the David Foster Harbour Pathway under the new bridge.

The David Foster Harbour Pathway is a five kilometre pedestrian route along Victoria's waterfront between Ogden Point and Rock Bay.  Council previously approved construction of the Johnson Street Bridge underpass portion of the pathway for the first quarter of 2018, and construction would proceed right away.

Consideration would include $544,000 for the extension of the pathway to continue under the bridge.  The lion's share of that would come from the Harbour Pathway Capital Budget and a $100,000 contribution from the Trans Canada Trail Foundation.

The proposed underpass will provide a connection between Northern Junk Public Plaza and the Janion Building Public Plaza, on the downtown east side of the Inner Harbour.

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