City of Langford moves to add second left turn lane from Millstream to Hwy 1 south

Anyone who has left the big box stores off Millstream to get back onto the highway southbound has probably cursed the single lane for left-hand turns.

But that's about to change.  

Langford Mayor Stew Young confirms the city is calling for tenders to add a second left turn lane, as well as other improvements along Millstream Rd, and across the bridge to Langford, and   Highway 1.  And Young says it can happen fairly quickly thanks to the original design:

"It was built to have it happen when we built it 20 years ago. So it's just a matter of re-arranging it and taking out some of the concrete that was there, that was put in the centre. There's enough room there. It was designed to actually do this."

Besides 2 left turn lanes,  2 lanes will head into Langford, and another lane will be dedicated for right hand turns at Peatt Rd.  There will also be widening on the bridge and at Peatt Rd intersection, as well as improved sidewalks and bike lanes.

Young says taxpayers won't be impacted:

" And what we did is, as development occurred in Langford we put money into a put, the DCC fund, and now we've got enough money in t he fund to pay for it without raising taxes."

Young says the project is slated to be finished by September 1st.

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