City of Victoria embarks on a traffic study

The City of Victoria has hired a consultant to look at traffic movement -- including whether the timing of traffic lights needs to be changed.

Assistant Director of Transportation, Brad Dellebuur, says while lights are synchronized, it's been almost a decade since any changes were made:

" Is it time for an update? Absolutely it is. The last update we did was in 2009.  So there's been a lot of change over the last 10 years in the downtown -- just changes in density. A little bit of change in traffic patterns downtown, the road geometries have changed a bit, there's been some curb changes that have happened. So it's time for a review and a refresh. "

The addition of bike lanes downtown will also be taken into consideration.

The city of Victoria set aside $40-thousand in this year's budget to hire the consultant.  A full assessment and report is expected by the new year.

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