City of Victoria to consider "safe cannabis consumption site"

Are "safe-consumption sites for cannabis " needed in Victoria?  One city councillor thinks the city needs to look at it.

Ben Isitt says once cannabis is legalized many users -- including medical users -- may find they can't smoke it if they live in apartments or condos, and also can't smoke within certain public spaces.

So Isitt proposes council direct staff to look at a pilot program in Denver, Colorado -- and whether it makes sense to try a pilot program here:

" What the motion I'm bringing forward proposes is that city of Victoria staff look at what Denver is doing, also look at the relevant provincial, and federal, and regional laws here in the city of Victoria, and come back to council to tell us would it makes sense to proceed with a pilot program, or bring forward these kinds of regulations here in Victoria." 

In Colorado state law bans public use, including outdoors.  And while unregulated clubs are tolerated in some cities, others operate secretly. 

Denver's pilot program created a legal framework for responsible social use of cannabis.  It's trying out the rules with a single licensed social club called "The Coffee Joint " which only sells coffee, snacks and retail items -- but not cannabis, for now.

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