City of Victoria will meet to decide on pot shop licenses

The City of Victoria's Committee of the Whole meets Thursday to discuss how to deal with cannabis retail store applications.

It's been several weeks since it became legal to sell, grow and consume cannabis, and so far, Kamloops has the only legal private cannabis shops.

There were roughly 35 dispensaries operating for the last couple of years in Victoria, and now, owners and operators continue to wait for the green light to sell their products.

Kyle Shane, founder/executive director of Leaf Compassion Cannabis Dispensaries says his application to operate was turned down about a year and a half ago and he has since re-applied. 

Shane says he isn't all that surprised with the time it is taking.

"I think everyone is just going through this new process and its taking a little while and I wouldn't be surprised if it takes up to a year on the Islands for people to get licensed for recreational cannabis dispensaries."

The BC government has established a provincial licensing framework for cannabis retail stores. This process requires a local government recommendation before issuing a cannabis retail store license.


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