Close to 220,000 Vancouver Island residents have had flu shots

If you think getting the flu isn't a big deal -- you should know it's among the top ten leading causes of death in Canada -- taking 3500 lives every year.  It also puts over 12,000 people in hospital annually.

Medical Health Officer Dr. Paul Hasselback says a flu shot is your best protection against getting the flu -- you can get one at many pharmacies, your doctor's office, or find out where there are public clinics going on:

" You can also look up if there is a public flu clinic by going to There's an immunize BC flu clinic locator that can also help find this.  It's widely available. There really shouldn't be any obstacle getting out there. And so far it looks like we've already had about 220,000 people that have already gone to get their shot."

Hasselback says between December and March anyone visiting anyone an Island Health Facility must wear a mask which will be available near main entrances, hand washing stations or at reception and admitting.

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