Colwood, Langford and View Royal call on the Province to increase their share of RCMP funding

Colwood Council has voted to increase their share of the West Shore RCMP's staffing needs, and call on the Provincial government to do the same.

Colwood's contribution will see 2 more officers added by 2021, as well as 2 more civilian support staff.

Councillor Gordie Logan says the detachment serves Colwood, Langford and View Royal -- as well as smaller areas the Province is responsible for -- like Metchosin, Highlands, Trans Canada Highway and more.

Councillor Gordie Logan says data from the RCMP General Duty Staffing Assessment (GDSA) shows Provincial contributions are low:

" Well, currently the Province funds 7 members that support provincially queathed municipalities, like Metchosin and the Highlands. And based on the information that we have they take up 17 to 18% of the time allocated to policing, and that means that they are really under-resourced from a provincial stand point.  We say that the Province should be contributing towards 15 officers, not 7. So there is a shortfall that View Royal, Langford and Colwood are having to make up."

The RCMP assessment (GDSA) recommends an increase of 4 General Duty Constables, from 32 to 36 for an overall increase in police strength from 81 to 90.

The report also shows with current resources, General Duty members are only able to spend 13.5% of their time doing proactive police work. The RCMP recommends that a detachment’s strength should allow for officers to dedicate 25%-35% of their time to proactive policing.

Colwood, Langford and View Royal have sent a joint letter to the Province requesting a funding increase to meet service needs. 

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