Commercial truck damages Galloping Goose overpass/bridge on 6 Mile Rd.

Six Mile Rd has been closed to traffic to allow crews to repair the overpass that supports the Galloping Goose Bridge.  

View Royal Fire Chief Paul Hurst says a Slegg delivery truck driver forgot to lower a crane and struck the overpass:

" A truck coming down 6 Mile Rd., unfortunately the crane, the boom, was still up from a delivery, hit the Galloping Goose cycling bridge behind us. Caused significant damage to the bridge , and as you can see significant damage to the truck." 

The truck's frame was bent and pushed down onto the wheel making it difficult to move.  There was a fuel leak -- but it was quickly contained.  The driver was not injured. 

The bridge itself has re--opened to cyclists and pedestrians. But 6 Mile Rd. was closed to allow crews time to repair the damage. 

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