Cook Street area residents mobilize to oppose bike lanes

Residents living around the Cook Street corridor are mobilizing to oppose proposed changes to Cook Street  to make way for bike lanes.  Spokesman Robert McConnell says the group includes cyclists, and while they aren't opposed to bike lanes they have severe concerns about putting them on Cook Street, particularly lower Cook from Pandora to Southgate.

McConnell says Cook is the only north-south arterial street east of the downtown core, serving an estimated 18-thousand vehicles a day including  cars, buses, delivery trucks, and emergency vehicles.

McConnell is calling on council to take another look, and hold an open session with city staff where they go into detail about the broader implications of jamming Cook Street traffic into 2 lanes:

" If they still after that think it's a good idea to proceed, then we want them to do a test.  A very simple test. Simply block off the 2 curb lanes on Cook Street for a few days, and see what happens to the traffic."

McConnell says his group has serious safety concerns about the Victoria bicycle plan, and does not feel there has been enough consultation with residents. They feel there are other options for bikes lanes, including Vancouver Street.

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