Coroner's service identifies second teen killed crossing Island Hwy

The BC Coroner's service has released the name of a second teen who was killed while trying to cross the Island Highway at Nanaimo 1 week ago.

Humberto Alonso Robles, aged 16, was an exchange student living in Nanaimo temporarily. He was a resident of Mexico City.

Robles and another exchange student, 15 year old Maria Hildebrant Cereija, were among a group of students crossing the highway eastbound at Mostar Road about 10:30 on October 21st when they were hit by an SUV. The driver stayed at the scene. 

Robles was taken to Nanaimo General Hospital and then transferred to BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver, but he died of his injuries 3 days later on October 24th. Cereija was transferred to Victoria General Hospital, but also died on October 24th.

The Coroner's service and RCMP are continuing their investigation.

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