Crane operator rescued from bucket 100 feet in air at Langford construction site

The operator of a tower crane at the Belmont Market construction site in Langord had a scary start to his morning.

Assistant Chief Scott Davidson says a crane operator suffered a medical issue while in the bucket of a tower crane that was 100 feet, or 30.5 metres, up in the air.

Using a Colwood's specialized aerial device, Davidson says the patient was successfully rescued:

" Colwood's aerial truck was able to go up, put their bucket right beside where the patient was and we just transferred the patient into the bucket and brought him down to safety, down to the ground, and turned him over to BC Ambulance paramedics. "

Davidson says crews have been training for this moment, and it's the first time they've mounted such a rescue:

" We've been training the last couple of years -- as you are probably aware -- Langford is a fast-growing community so we are starting to see a lot more construction, espeiclaly in the higher buildings which, you know we have 3 active tower cranes in the city at this toime. We've been training on it, and this is our first successful rescue on a tower crane."

The crane operator was conscious when taken to hospital. The nature of his medical emergency has not been confirmed.

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