CRD Board opposes highway development through CRD lands for alternate route for Malahat

The Capital Regional District (CRD) Board has approved two motions related to highway infrastructure development through CRD lands as an alternate route for the Malahat Highway.

The Board opposes new highway infrastructure development that is open to the public through Sooke Hills Regional Park, and is also in opposition to highway infrastructure development in the Greater Victoria Water Supply Area and the Drinking Water Protection Zone.

CRD Board Chair Colin Plant will request a meeting with the Premier to stress the urgency of the situation for residents and the CRD Board.

The CRD has directed staff to continue to participate with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to evaluate and report back on options for an emergency bypass route for the Malahat.

The planning report will be finalized once both the CRD and the Ministry review and agree on the final content.


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