CRD chooses mediation to resolve Regional Growth Strategy deadlock

Capital Regional District directors have decided to try mediation, instead of binding arbitration, to resolve an impasse over the Regional Growth Strategy.

The main sticking point involves whether RGS should allow water service to be piped into certain rural areas, such as the Juan de Fuca electoral district. But some fear it could lead to development and sprawl.

CRD Director Colin Plant doesn't think mediation will get them past that point, "I think we can probably mediate almost everything except water servicing. I think that's where some councils will dig in their heels."

The RGS has been rejected by some local councils.  "Even though the CRD is responsible for the Regional Growth Strategy, it's passed by councils. So there's a double whammy effect," says Plant.

If mediation doesn't work, the region could end up going to binding arbitration anyways.

The strategy charts future growth, development and land use in the region.

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