CRD cycling community pulls together to help find suspect in hit and run


The CRD's Cycling community is rallying to try to help find the suspect in a hit and run that sent 14-year-old Megan Barnes flying metres into the ditch on Willis Point Road Friday. 

CFAX 1070 has learned this may not be the first time the same vehicle has been involved in an incident like this one.

Triple shot cycling coach and Megan's coach, Lister Farrar says he talked to several other cyclists who say they had a close call with what sounds like the same vehicle and possibly the same driver, a couple of months ago. Two of the cyclists are high-end competitors and managed to take pictures of the truck. "They managed to get a photo of the license of the vehicle they'd been involved with." That information and picture has been provided to police.

Farrar says most drivers are respectful on the roads but some are not and he hopes this driver is caught and called to account for their actions. "We need to make sure they're not laughing over beers with their buddies, we have to find them and we have to make an example of this so nobody gets the idea that this is something the police aren't going to look at."

Farrar says for some reason some driver's get annoyed with cyclists. 
"People who get angry on the road shouldn't be driving."

The CRD cycling community is also trying to help Megan in her efforts to get back on the bike. The bike necessary to compete at her level can cost up to four thousand dollars. Her's suffered significant damage and may not be repairable.

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